My Favorite Podcasts

I’ve recently gotten back into podcasts…

I’ve recently gotten back into podcasts, and I started listening to them during commutes and while working on other things. It’s a nice way to keep updated on current events while doing other things or just taking a nice break. I use the Pocket Casts app to listen to podcasts on the go.

Here are a few of my favorites at the moment, and I’ll update this list if anything changes. These are in no particular order.

99% Invisible

A series about design and it’s influence and presence in our lives all around us.

From Scratch

An NPR series where founders/owners/other really cool people just talk about their lives and their work.

Inside the DesignLab

A series where hardware developers talk about their projects and work.

The Changelog

A series that talks about open source projects and their progress, usually with a member of the project’s core team.

The Vergecast

I know people love to hate on The Verge, but this series isn’t a terrible way for keeping updated on consumer technology/electronics.

Twenty Thousand Hertz

A podcast which provides insight into sounds that people hear throughout the day, which you might normally not give a second thought.

We’re Alive - A “Zombie” Story of Survival

This one is just for fun, a nice little story which I thought was cool and could get into.

Others I’ve been meaning to check out…

There are other podcasts I’ve been meaning to checkout because I’ve heard good things about them, but I don’t have the time to keep updated on too many more series at once. These include:

Written on January 3, 2017