How To: Organizing A Local Hack Day > Introduction

Local Hack Day is an event I organized in both Fall 2016 and again a few days ago in Fall 2017. It’s a 12-hour hackathon held at multiple universities around the world, with help from Major League Hacking. I’m writing this post as a way to document 1) what planning is required in order to organize an LHD (specifically at Temple University, but can be generalized for other situations), and 2) as a way of passing down this knowledge to other students (both here and at other schools) to organize more in the future. I organized this event largely by myself both times, but it is very helpful to spread this responsibility between several people so it’s not too stressful for one person.

I’ll be separating this post into different parts:

1. Sponsorship

2. Venue

3. Advertising

4. Catering

5. Logistics

Keep on the lookout for the next few posts in this series.

Written on December 5, 2017